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Meet the principal

Kyle York 

Hello Gladiators! I hope you all are doing well and having a fantastic day. My name is Kyle York and I am the Principal of the Colorado Springs Region for GOAL High School. Throughout my years in education I have fought to build several alternative high schools and earned many grants to support students that don't fit in the regular brick and mortar school model. It is my passion to provide a school environment that is flexible to our students and parents needs. Enroll today in one of our amazing drop in centers here in the Springs and change your world. While you are enrolled find the best pathway to help you earn your high school diploma, prepare yourself for your future, learn the Gladiator way to ShowUp, Connect, and Succeed, and become a productive member of society. Welcome and have a great school year!!!

[email protected]
719 621 -239

High School Principal

Meet the assistant principal

Paul  Austin

Hello Gladiators! My name is Paul Austin and I am the Assistant Principal serving the Citadel location of GOAL High School. My passion is to provide the best service and quality of education possible to each of our students. Our team at Citadel is highly skilled and motivated to assist students with accessing their courses and building positive relationships. Remember to Show Up, Connect, and Succeed!

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719 675-9671

assistant principal

Meet the assistant principal

Barbara Rittenhouse

Welcome to GOAL! My name is Barbara Rittenhouse and I am one of the Assistant Principals at the Citadel Mall site. I have been working at alternative schools in Colorado since 2008. The staff at the Citadel is dedicated to helping students become high school graduates, find meaningful work, and have healthy family lives.

[email protected]
719 453-6012

assistant principal


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